How a Cuticle Nail Oil Pen Saved My Life

It was just three years ago that I was walking around trying to hide my hands. Now, I can’t wait to show them off to everybody I meet. I feel more confident and undertake more actions just by using one single pen!

Magique VitalePen ApplicationWhen I was a kid, I used to be a nail biter. My mom tried everything from plasters to those horrible tasting fluids, but to no avail. Eventually, she found that I stopped biting when I was wearing nail polish, so she stuck to that. Of course, me being a young kid, she didn’t want to use her expensive brand polish, so she bought some bottles from the dollar store. When I was old enough to do my own nails, I kept on using my old bottles to save money. Eventually, they ruined my nails.

The cheap ingredients wholly dried out my cuticles and nails. I was embarrassed and hid the damage by gluing on fake nails. They looked pretty, but the damage stayed. A few months ago, a friend recommended the Magique VitalePen to me. It’s a cuticle oil pen and nail strengthener made from renewing, Magique VitalePen Applicationpure,

natural, and organic ingredients. She said she used it in between her nail sessions, but to try it out without anything else for a week. After just a few days, my nails were so much stronger. They started growing and didn’t break once!

Eventually, I wanted to wear some cute nail polish as well, so I visited a well-reviewed salon in town. The lady helping me asked me about my nail care routine, so I told her about the VitalePen. To my surprise, she pulled it out of her drawer and said she always recommends it to clients to help with their nail repair. She told me that she uses this cuticle oil all the time as it doesn’t affect the nail treatment and helps to strengthen the nails. It’s a win-win situation.

The oils in the pens are 100% vegan, parabens free, and packed with vitamins A & E. These vitamins strengthen your nails and skin and even have a de-aging effect as well! The convenient and fast application of the Magique VitalePen makes it easy for anyone to use.  I always apply it just before sleeping, so that the oils can set in without any troubles. All you have to do is to push back your cuticles with the added wooden cuticle sticks and apply the oil with the pen applicator. Then, you simply massage the oil into your cuticles and surrounding skin and let it sit for the rest of the night. 

My hands look amazing and I’ve recommended the Magique VitalePen to everyone I know. My husband uses it too as he often works with his hands and these oils help him to keep his skin hydrated. This cuticle nail oil pen saved my life and I’m happy to use it every day!

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