About Us

"Quality Products & Quality Service begins with Quality Thinking" -- Lisa

Lisa with daughters

Once upon a time...
Lisa, a mother of two girls and a nail aficionado from Southern California, found herself utterly frustrated trying to find high-quality products on a budget for her family.  She believed her family deserved simply the best and was unwilling to compromise on quality, convenience, or service.

With a simple premise, and against many naysayers, she set off to create the Magique company.  She tried to imagine of all the qualities she wanted for her dream brand – fashionable style, exceptional products, and extraordinary service all wrapped in a beautiful package from a company with integrity.

Magique wants to grow in a way that we can feel proud of, and we aim to create products that we can be proud. From our customers to our business partners and the communities in which we operate, Magique is built to care.

Magique is a private, small family-owned business, with passionate Associates who are united and guided by the five principles established by Lisa day one. These five principles are the heart of everything we do. Each one of our principles - Customer Appreciation, Make Beauty, Quality, Freedom, and Responsibility - inspires us to do our best.

Simply, our goal is to deliver the best family product essentials at an exceptional value.